At Alpha 406 Farms it is our mission to provide beauty, shade and oxygen for all at low prices! 

We are a local family owned business located in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana. Alpha 406 Farms takes pride in offering our customers a no hassle, easy option to purchase landscaping trees at wholesale prices, no matter the volume. 

Our unique process of growing trees in 25 gallon “grow bags” makes planting trees for the average homeowner a much simpler and healthy process.
Trees grown in a “grow bag” keep all of the root ball so there is NO cutting of the roots like a traditional B&B (“ball and burlap”) This method also means there is NO chance of root spiral, also known as auto-strangulation, often found in plastic potted trees.

Our customers have found that our caliber trees grown in a “grow bag” are 1\3 the weight of a traditional B&B trees. This means two people can easily lift and plant our trees – No more heavy equipment rental costs!

No more tearing up the lawn with motorized equipment!